Through our actions, we want to highlight the importance of responsibility and sustainable development. We are committed to making our staff and customers more sustainable and aware of environmental issues.

RUNO Hotel Porvoo offers its guests an experience in which sustainability is a natural part of daily actions. We are committed to preventing and decreasing our environmental impact, and we continuously develop our operations and annually set new aims to promote sustainable development. Our company’s working environment is safe, and we consider risk and crisis management in our actions. We are continuously training our staff, and we inform both our staff and guests about our sustainable development actions to promote environmental awareness and commitment. We are committed to equal treatment and the rights of all people, and we take measures to prevent corruption and commercial, sexual, or other exploitation or harassment of children, teenagers, women, minorities, or other groups in a vulnerable position. Additionally, we promote social sustainability in our area for the good of our staff and guests.

Our most significant direct environmental impact stems from the consumption of resources such as energy and water. We are actively working to reduce energy and water consumption, minimise waste, and improve recycling. As a new, renovated hotel, we use energy-efficient and intelligent building management solutions. In our hotel operations, we use eco-friendly products and resource-efficient technology. We regularly monitor and follow our ecological efficiency by measuring water, electricity, and energy consumption and the amount of waste created in our operations.

The products we use, such as food and chemicals, have a great indirect environmental impact. This is why we are committed to using organic, eco-labelled, and seasonal products as much as possible, and refrain from using meat, fish, or shellfish products of endangered or protected stock or species. We minimise food waste and use disposable tableware only in exceptional cases, and our cleaning and washing agents as well as sanitary papers are eco-labelled.

Following the laws, regulations, and other standards is the minimum level for us. We are committed to going beyond the present laws and regulations of sustainable development.

We at RUNO Hotel Porvoo want to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable tourism industry, and we want to inspire our customers, staff, and other operators to promote sustainable development.